My Car

I purchased my car in the winter of this year, and since I got it I've wanted to use it in a photo shoot. Finally the day came around where I had time, weather, a location, and a clean car to do a little shoot. Below are my favourite two shots.


Kamik Spring/Summer

What a hectic yet amazing experience this was! On a very rushed deadline, we were tasked with creating a series of images for some of Kamik's 2017 Spring/Summer shoes and boots. Between staying up all night finalizing details to watering an entire field of grass to get rid of morning dew, our dedicated team (through much coffee and freezing weather... this was shot in the fall) made it look like summer.

It was a rad experience working with Kamik, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Nuclear, man.

Sometimes the most interesting results come from those 5 minute portrait sessions you have with people. Lauren and I both think she looks pretty bad ass in this shot!

One Alien Bee in an Octabox behind the model and a reflector in front under her face.

One Alien Bee in an Octabox behind the model and a reflector in front under her face.


Graphic Lines

I went for a walk with a friend yesterday and thought the light under this overpass was really great. After snapping some shots, decided this was my favourite.



Clémentine is an up-and-coming clothing brand based in Montreal. When Eric Clement, clothing designer, contacted me with a concept for shooting his unique collection, I couldn't refuse. I've always been drawn to "darker" shoots so this felt like a great opportunity. I always feel lucky when I get to work awesome people, and this was no exception. We all persevered through the raging heat, even with the models wearing coats; and, in the end had a ton of fun with great results!

Check out Clémentine's Instagram page here

Spontaneous Mini-Shoot

Lauren and I were kicked out of another place to shoot again… Luckily we happened upon this lone tree on the side of the road and got to shoot a little bit before the sun had set.


Dusk Light

It's been quite some time since I've posted as I've been working full-time as a fashion photographer for the past 7 months. Being that I no longer work full-time, I will now have more time to be creative and shoot some of the ideas that I've had during working full-time.

This nighttime shoot with Lauren was executed behind a gas station. We came across the location last-minute, actually in hopes of shooting somewhere else. That being said, I think we made the most of the location, and I feel that the image gives off the mood that I was looking for.

The image was lit with an octabox to the front right of the car, and the car's lights on.

The image was lit with an octabox to the front right of the car, and the car's lights on.

Lauren, Tennis Court Shoot

Recently I had the opportunity of having a shoot with Lauren during a time of the day with ideal light at a cool tennis court location. Lauren did a stellar job modelling and I think we got some really awesome material in the short time we had to shoot before mosquitos replaced daylight. These are some of my favourite shots I've done so far, I find the model, light, location, clothes and processing really came together and I couldn't be happier. I wish I could post more, but my job is keeping me pretty busy though I'll be trying to get back into personal work soon.